Monday, September 3, 2012

Tool 11 Reflection

My favorite tool would probably have to be Skype. Its ability to connect people from thousands of miles away together enables it to take on many uses in my classroom. I will be giving students in my theater classes the opportunity to connect face to face with professional actors and directors in the Little Rock area so they can answer their questions about theater and its vocational opportunities.

My brain has certainly expanding to incorporate many new ways of infusing technology into my classroom. The possibilities are truly endless to foster a sense of student power and choice and to appeal to many different varieties of learners simultaneously. The big first change I'll need to make is becoming familiar with and utilizing my devices!

I was surprised by just how much I had to learn. As someone who loves being online, I realized through this course that my toolkit had the potential to expand infinitely. And being an appreciator of technology is much different than being an technological educator!

Lots left to learn and I'm excited to continue the journey!

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