Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tool 2 Reflection

Hearing and sharing information publicly in a PLN setting is a little difficult for me to feel immediately comfortable with, as I am the kind of person who thrives on in-person contact. However, that said, I did find a certain power and instantaneous excitement in being a part of an ongoing conversation where feedback and advice could take a dozen different shapes. Simply put, I really felt part of the digital community more so than ever before.

I found a great blog site while browsing, and I just had to share it with any fellow teachers reading this.
The blog’s called Learning is Messy and can be reached here: I’m linking you here to a particularly exciting post entitled Innovation Starts with Autonomy. I think it gets to the heart of an educational passion of mine: how each instructional day should be infused with opportunities for student enrichment.

This link will take you to the great blog, The History Teacher’s Attic, specifically a page entitled Boston 1775 on the Myths in Colonial History. Fascinating stuff.

Visit these blogs when you get the chance! 

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