Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tool 7 Reflection

Tool 7 is all about creating digital projects for the classrooom.

I think one of the most exciting ways to take learning beyond the walls of the classroom is to use it to connect with other people around the world, so my class will be using Skype.

The objective: Given their study of Latin America and planned Skype time with a high school classroom in Ecuador, TLW will demonstrate an understanding of cross cultural communication by analyzing Skype chats for the major similarities and differences between life in America and Ecuador.

This project will be implemented during our discussion of the culture of Latin America, in Unit 3. It would need to be scheduled on a day when both classrooms were available.

The tool I need to use for this project is Skype.

Students will present personal reflection papers on what they found to be the main differences between life in Latin America and America. This will foster discussion on various themes of culture.

I will not need to find additional classrooms.

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