Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tool 9 Reflection

It gives students real world experience with technology that they might need in the future, but most importantly, the use of technology MUST be aligned to the content of the objective. Otherwise, it's just a fun distraction.

Students must be held accountable for the stations/centers because it is a privilege to use these devices. If they use the devices haphazardly or do not respect them, they must understand that this privilege can be taken away.

Two of the sites I found that seemed like great interactive opportunities for my content were TESiBoard and Learning Games for Kids. TESiBoard is a fabulous reteaching tool for absent or inattentive students. And Learning Games for Kids has myriad options for each content area I will be teaching.

Two of the iPad/iPod apps which are usable in class are TED and Skype. The TED app is a great research tool for students to explore specific cultural or historical topics through the experience of TED talks. Skype could be used as a station where student interview other people and classrooms about a topic. The interview setting encourages interaction and interpersonal communicative growth as well as a gain in general knowledge.

These websites could be used as incentives at the end of the unit for students who finish objectives well.

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